One Man Who Dared to be Great


His orders were to loot the city and execute Governor Ari for refusing to accept Mede lordship. However, after the victory General Cyrus begins to morally struggle with the orders of his grandfather, the King and chooses to  release Governor Ari and the people that were rounded up to be taken as slaves in service to the King.

Cyrus’s rebellion is seen as an act of betrayal and consequently he is branded as an enemy of his grandfathers empire. Cyrus loses everything as he morns in agony with all hope being lost as his grandfather hunts him down.

However, with the love of Sahar and the help of some friends, Cyrus rejects the ill fate that was handed to him and chooses to be great. He choses to create a new Kingdom. A Kingdom where people are free to full-fill their highest potential as human beings, a Kingdom that the world has never seen before.


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