Universe Pictures Group; [yoo-nuh-vurs] [pik-chers] [groop] noun 1. to ignite and illuminate the totality of the human experience through the use of motion picture entertainment.

  • Excelsis

    In the movie “Excelsis”, Cassady Jones battles through the amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ranks as a female MMA fighter. Suddenly, Marcus Moretti a nefarious fight promoter offers Cassady a chance to enter a tournament …

  • Mr. Bravo

    A rock em and sock em Action Comedy. Mr. Bravo, a life long businessman stumbles onto a multi million dollar opportunity  in the exciting world of crypto currency. Mr. Bravo then solicits the help of the Bitcoin Kid to …

  • Q

    As Jaxs and Kai fight to eradicate the world monetary system, Q the creators of the world monetary system begin to wage war on each other and the ultimate battle for control of the momentary system between …

  • Cyrus

    His orders were to loot the city and execute Governor Ari for refusing to accept Mede lordship. However, after the victory General Cyrus begins to morally struggle with the orders of his grandfather, the King and …

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